About Us

Gutter Maintenance

At JFS, we offer the complete high-level gutter cleaning  and maintenance service to the commercial and domestic property sector. And as people who are passionate about what we do, we’re forever raising our standards. 

Rainwater systems are so often the key to a building’s defenses we have a team of specialists on hand to help with all your gutter maintenance.   

Why Us?

 We’re renowned for taking on the toughest challenges in the most hard to reach places, 24/7/365. Yet it’s how we respond that defines us. With a laser-like focus on meeting your needs, we act quickly and safely, sending highly skilled, highly experienced professionals to the scene.We can also call on everything we need in-house, meaning you can count on consistent workmanship and a rapid response.contractors or hire equipment.

We’ll be happy to help with a no-obligation survey.

Blocked Rainwater Systems

If there’s an issue with a blocked rainwater system, we’ll be onsite in no time to resolve it. Yet problems with your gutters can be avoided completely with planned maintenance visits. You’ll find each one comes tailored to the exact needs of your business and individual building, meaning costs and blockages need never be a worry.

Our Commitment


JFS offer a professional gutter cleaning service to unblock commercial and residential gutters which if left unchecked could lead to building damage and water ingress. All our gutter cleaning team are fully trained to clean commercial and residential gutters using professional equipment with the upmost safety. We have many years of experience in cleaning gutters throughout the North West and have worked for many leading clients. 

We are committed to deliver a first class gutter cleaning service at competitive prices. 

In addition to this we offer a planned maintenance gutter cleaning service which covers the whole of the North West for any size of client.